I’m sitting quietly
in a self-driving car
been driving for years
but I haven’t gone far.

No signal on my phone
The radio won’t play
silence so loud
it tortures me all day.

The windows are locked
and the doors as well.
I sit and stare out.
A zombie in a cell.

The forest road goes on
into eternity
and the only thing I see
is another dark tree.

Not a single soul
not a single car
not a house or town
nothing close or far.

The sky is overcast
like a frozen frame
storm clouds loom
every day the same.

The sun never smiles
and the clouds don’t cry
I’m stuck in a loop
and I don’t know why.

I lost count of days
lost count of trees
sitting quietly
lost, where no one sees.



(c) Copyright 2019 Malu Laila

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